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Step Right Up! I'm Takin' Pictures!

I'm trying an experiment, another attempt to expand my artistic skills a bit, and I'm lookin' for guinea pigs (GUINEA PEEEEGS!).

If you send me a good photo of you, I will try to photomanipulate you into something cool of your choice (within reason - I can't like, photoshop you into a dinosaur or anything). Fairy princess? sexy vampire? fantasy warrior? cyber-apocalyptic warrior punk? I can't promise you it'll be any good, or that it'll even get done, but it's free, so you lose nothing.

So, if interested, send me a picture of yourself that you like - or send me a handful of pictures that I could work with and I'll choose the best for what I want - as well as some kind of guiding keywords on what you want to become - you can be vague, like "a cool magic using person" or specific, like "I want this white coat and glowing gold eyes and kinda like X character in my favorite movie..." or somewhere in between, all you have to do is give me a direction to work from.

Obviously solo shots of you in an unassuming background would be preferred, but I'm not afraid of a challenge. If I have to crop out your mom next to you and your car in the foreground, I'll sure give it my best shot. Like I said, this is an experiment, and the ultimate goal for me is to grow as an artist, so you can definitely grow as an artist while completely fucking up the picture you're working on because you got too ambitious. -_-

Who's game? Anyone? Bueler?